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Using Devita Devices in Medical Practice

Using Devita Devices in Medical Practice

This study included 20 patients aged 40 to 60 years with diseases of the peripheral nervous system (inflammation of the spinal nerve root), first and second stage hypertension, sleep disturbances and vasomotor rhinitis.

In some of these cases the patients had seen improvements after only one session with the Deta devices. In 80% of the cases there was considerable improvement and in 70% of the cases the blood pressure had normalized without using any other medication.

Another notable observation was the complete ameliation of pain in these patients. Insomnia was also improved considerably.

In this pilot study, it is clear that the Deta devices used alone can help many different neurological symptoms, as well as helping in cases of hypertension.

This report was prepared on 17/11/1995 by the Consultant of the Central Military Hospital of Moscow, Dr. Betsoyk and Dr. Volkov.

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