George Georgiou Managing Director
Director of Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine He is an honorary adjunct Professor of the School of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, University of America, USA, with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. Ph.D, D.Sc(HM), N.D, M.Sc, B.Sc Author of 23 books on Holistic Medicine Founder & CEO, WHC
Dr Philip Choy Doctor of Natural Medicine
Naturopathic Physician (ANMCB, USA), Osteopath (OCO, Canada), Board Director of Asian Osteopathic Association Faculty member of Osteopathic College of Ontario
Dr. Konstantinos Christidis Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine (D.Sc (HM)
Kos Island GreeceDr. Konstantinos Christidis (Ph.D) received his Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine (D.Sc (HM) at the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Cyprus. He has diplomas in Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition
Onn Ariffin Bioresonance Practitioner
Onn Ariffin Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis Professional) MALAYSIA
Dr Jan Knegt M.D. Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Dr Jan Knegt, M.D. Integrated Medicine Practitioner Orthomolecular Medicine Functional Medicine Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis Professional) NETHERLANDS
Matjaz Strojin Nutritional Therapist
Matjaz Strojin Nutritional Therapist Holistic Practitioner Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis Professional) London, UK and SLOVENIA, Novo Mesto +44 775828 4187 (UK) Tel: +386 51265 905 (Slovenia) Email: [email protected]
Lindy Shapiro Homeopath Psychotherapist
Lindy Shapiro Homeopath Psychotherapist Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis)
Dr Mariette Borg Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Dr Mariette Borg, M.D. Integrated Medicine Practitioner Acupuncturist Bioresonance Practitioner
Eleanor Kerman Nutritional Therapist
Eleanor Kerman Eleanor Kerman IPEC – Integrated Physical and Emotional Clearing , AMANAE, Frequencies of Brilliance, Byron Katie – The Work, Non-Violent Communication Facilitator, Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis) 21 Meridor Street Tel-Aviv ISRAEL Tel: +972-52-2304653 [email protected]
Soo Chin Kwan Dietician and Nutrition Consultant
Soo Chin Kwan Dietician and Nutrition Consultant Iridologist Academy Lecturer (ITEC, UK) Bioresonance Practitioner (Deta Elis Professional) LOHAS Wellness Singapore No 354, #01-169 Clementi Ave 2 Singapore 120354 SINGAPORE Tel: +65 82999863 [email protected]
Michail Giovannopoulos Bioresonance Diagnostics and Treatment
United KingdomMichail Giovannopoulos has completed a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and a Diploma in Chinese massage Tuina at the University of Westminster, London. He has also completed a Diploma in Bioresonance Diagnostics and Treatment at the Da Vinci College…