The Deta-Elis company gives everyone an opportunity to create their own business recommending the DEVITA devices to their family and friends.

There are opportunities for everyone to start their own business, regardless of their educational background.

You can earn a passive income from simply making a recommendation that will help people heal.

Marketing Plan allows the company to achieve financial independence, steadily rising incomes and more confident to perform their vital tasks.

What will help me achieve success?

Company Deta-Elis has finished training system System 8, through which many of the partners have already achieved success, and we can say with confidence that, using their experience and training system, you will be able to effectively achieve your purpose.

huge number of counseling centers is growing will help you to do business in the country or in the city in which you want to!

The company also uses the latest Internet technology (online conference), through which you will be able to invite your people to a presentation from the comfort of home, and they, in turn, did not need to leave the house!

Why social business?

Social business, as mentioned earlier, it’s a great way to earn money, and with our company, it is alsoopportunity to improve their health!


Deta-Elis in the first place you are contributing to their health and the health of their loved ones, because we can vouch for the fact that our equipment is working at the highest level.

Social business – this is a fundamentally new kind of business. So far, business has always been focused on myself and had a single goal – to make a profit. In contrast to the traditional, social business makes a profit, sotsalnye solving problems and helping society to function more efficiently. He receives calls of society, combining business know-how with the desire to improve the quality of life, and not focusing on yourself, and the world around us.

Anyone can be successful

If you are afraid that you will not be able to show itself in this field, due to the fact that you do not know! Do not worry, we can assure you that this niche can place everyone, most importantly to want it, and besides! Our company is ready and has already established system of training new partners!

  • Systems business training delivered in each counseling center!
  • Online training every week! You do not even have to leave your house!
  • share with you the secrets and tricks of the best business coach!

Advantages of working with us

We are building a large international team, thanks to which you will always be able to keep abreast of the latest news about the company!

addition! Teamwork allows you to work less and have more rest, this is one of the advantages of network business. And with our team you will have to make the least effort to achieve your goals!

Also our team in the first place – it is a huge friendly staff who will always support you and help you understand a certain problem!