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A revolutionary development, which promptly relieves fatigue, improves the performance of all systems of the body giving a powerful charge of clean energy.

The MINI ENERGY device is no bigger than a small Nokia phone and has a fixed complex of frequencies (there are 20 in total) that are designed to increase energy production in the body, as well as increase vitality and stamina. It can be used by all the family! It was a development that took the Russians 3 years to complete.

  • Full renewal of our cell energy within 10 minutes
  • Protection from external negative energies, including toxic people
  • Contributes significantly to improving our mood

DeVita Energy is a unique device that will protect you from fatigue, sleepiness, bad moods and other daily inconveniences that we all face in daily life.

Energy is a valued resource in the hectic and frantic world that we live in, and many people drink Energy drinks containing caffeine, sugar stimulants and other artificial stimulants. These may provide a technical boost of energy by stimulating the adrenal glands, but over time this catches up with us and we will suffer an “energy crash” which sets us in a vicious cycle of using more stimulants to keep up with our busy lives.

Energy drinks can also create a lot of unpleasant side-effects such as tachycardia, irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, oedema, insomnia, excretion of calcium and damage to the enamel of the teeth.

The MINI ENERGY has none  of these side-effects as it uses electromagnetic fields to naturally stimulate the mitochondria in our cells to produce ATP which are the energy packages that the body requires to do all its work – it does not PUT in energy, but helps the body to CREATE natural sources of energy.

It will also help to increase the energy in the chakras and the meridians, important energy channels in the body.

It also helps to protect our body’s from the negative electromagnetic energies that we are exposed to from mobile phones, DECT phones, Wi-Fi, computers, household electrical devices and others.

You simply turn the device on with a click of a button and it will run the complex of frequencies for 9.5 minutes (nine and a half minutes) then stop automatically. You may run the programme up to 3 times a day in order to keep up with the pace of life without any side effects.

Another function of the MINI ENERGY is that it will protect you against negative energies, including human negativity. All negative energy has a left spin, whereas all positive energies have a right spin. All the MINI ENERGY device does is convert this left spin negative energy to right spin positive energy. This provides a huge amount of protection as we are often surrounded by negative, left spin energies from mobile phones, electrical devices in the house, microwave ovens, medical scanning devices, computers, DECT phones and more. We live in a soup of negative electromagnetic fields that are left spin!

In summary, the MINI ENERGY devices can:

  • help to recuperate our cellular energy levels within 27 minutes of use per day – that is three cycles of 9 minutes
  • protects against negative external energies
  • improves mood
  • protects against detrimental energies from phones, Wi-Fi, and other electrical devices
  • it works synergistically with the DEVITA AP and the DEVITA RITM, facilitating their functioning

This is a device that everyone really needs in their pocket every day – there is no more valuable a commodity than ENERGY!

All devices have a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from point of ordering if not satisfied.


The electromagnetic stress (Electro Magnetic Frequency Stress – EMF Stress) or else electromagnetic pollution is created from electromagnetic radiation that is produced from:

• Antennas (TV, Mobile Phones)
• Radars, Pillars
• Substations of Power Electricity
• Trains, Underground Railway Metro Lines and other Transportation Media that use electricity
• UMTS (Mobile Networks that transfer data, which are very powerful).
• Electric Home Appliances (Microwave oven, Refrigerator, Kitchen etc)
• Wireless technology phones that we use in our homes
• Wireless Mobile phones
• Wireless Intercommunication
• Computers
• WiFi

Electromagnetic stress is responsible for:

• Neurological problems
• Destruction of brain cells
• Cancer
• Blood Circulation Problems
• Lack of focus, appetite and sleep
• Breathing malfunctions
• Heart malfunctions
• Dermatological issues
• Allergies
• Thyroid problems
• Fibromyalgia
• Fatigue of adrenal glands and more


By the term “Geopathic Stress”, we mean the sum of effects that our organism may have, due to the long stay at places, that are affected by toxic and damaging geopathic energy.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognised that S.B.S (Sick Building Syndrome) is largely responsible for:

• Headaches
• Breathing Problems
• Insomnia
• Dry Skin
• Concentration Problems
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Allergies
• Lack of Memory
• Heart diseases
• Eye Disorders etc.

The causes of geopathic stress are:

• Underground streams of water or lakes of water,
• Cracks
• Caves
• Tectonic plates
• Junction of energy nets (Hartman and Curry lines etc.)
• Human made constructions (water supply, drainage, tunnels, mines, basements)

Warning! Bioresonance devices are contraindicated for use by women in the first trimester of pregnancy and by people, who undergone an organ transplantation. In addition, it is not recommended to use the device within the first two months after suffering a myocardial infarction. In case of suffering from serious heart disease, the device must be positioned no closer than 0.5 m from the body.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]