The powerful DEVITA PHARMA is a stand-alone electromagnetic diagnostic device that works in a similar way to the DETA PROFESSIONAL but does not contain the therapeutic elements that the more sophisticated PROFESSIONAL has.

The DEVITA PHARMA Bioresonance device has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, America, Israel and other countries as an official method of Bioresonance diagnosis using Vegetative Reflex Testing (VRT).


The diagnostic mode uses Bioresoance testing to determine the following:

  • identification of parasites
  • identification of bacteria
  • identification of fungi
  • identification of viruses
  • identification of organ imbalances
  • identifying the underlying causes of diseases
  • identifying drug interactions in the patient
  • identifying scar, sinus, tooth and tonsil foci
  • identifying food intolerances
  • identifying energetic imbalances in meridians and chakras

This is a device for use by qualified health practitioners and requires extensive training by practitioners that are familiar with its use.

Patients can go to a qualified Deta-Elis practitioner who will test them and determine the underlying causes of their health problems. The practitioner can then programme the patient’s DEVITA AP or DEVITA RITM with these specific frequencies and instruct on how to use these frequencies.

The patient will then have their “personal doctor” that they can instruct at the touch of a button!

Download the Deta Pharma manual